• Underage campers will not leave camp grounds without the expressed permission of the camp session director.
  • Boys will not be inside or congregate near the girl's cabins and girls will not be inside or congregate near the boy's cabin.
  • Boys and girls will not swim together. They will wear a cover-up to and from the swimming pool.
  • Campers WILL NOT swim unsupervised.
  • ALL persons using watercraft will wear a life jacket. Campers will not be in watercraft unsupervised.
  • Campers will not write on or otherwise deface camp property.
  • Campers will not be on the fishing peer unsupervised.
  • Campers will not have hayrides on open beds or trailers.
  • Campers are responsible for locking watercraft at night.
  • Campers are responsible for returning all sporting goods.
  • Any person using Camp Ney-A-Ti will refrain from using tobacco in any form, alcoholic beverages, or profane language while in residence.
  • Campers will not have knives, weapons, fireworks, or other dangerous articles in their possession while in residence at Camp Ney-A-Ti.
  • Camp directors will complete a check out form prior to departing.
  • Camp Ney-A-Ti is operated by the Alabama Christian Youth Camp; Jesus is the controlling factor in every facet of camp life. We expect all persons in residence to dress modestly and otherwise conduct themselves as Christ would have us live.

The Board of Directors of the Alabama Christian Youth Camp follow a set of articles and bylaws when making decisions about Camp Ney-A-Ti.  The board would like to share those with and it the linked document here.  Please use the Contact Us form for any questions you may have.

The Board of Directors of the Alabama Christian Youth Camp is committed to providing a safe environment for our campers.  In support of many of the requirements for providing such an environment, the board has created a document for every camp director to pass along to their staff.  Please, read the linked document here.  Camp directors must read the bylaws and the procedures document and return the signature page to the camp address listed on the Contact Us page.  Please use the Contact Us form for any questions you may have.