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Camp Ney-A-Ti News

December, 2016

From the Director

We are about to close out another year here at Camp Ney-A-Ti, and what a year it has been! Rachel and I began our oversite of the camp in January. During that month we had a great appreciation dinner for Harvey and Tina at the Guntersville church of Christ. Many people spoke of special memories they had made over the 30+ years with this great family and Harvey recalled several stories and mishaps at camp over the last several decades. After hearing some of the events that had taken place over the years I was a little apprehensive as to what 2016 might bring. Fortunately we were lucky in that we didn’t have any major disasters in our first year. Of course, there was an occasional toilet that needed to be fixed, an occasional loss of power and who could forget the day we had brown water coming out of all the faucets (not our fault by the way), but other than that we had a pretty smooth year.

It was such a joy to see so many Christians, young and old, gather together at the lodge or under the pavilion or out on the dock to sing praises to God, to offer prayers to Him and worship Him throughout the year. There’s no doubt that our campers had fun and enjoyed the outdoors while here at camp, but the main benefit they get from Camp Ney-A-Ti is drawing closer to each other and closer to God. This year we had over 2200 campers stay at Camp Ney-A-Ti and we served over 17,000 meals. Many churches throughout Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia were represented with 25 retreats and 11 summer camps. Most importantly, we had 16 people that were obedient to the gospel and were baptized into Christ at camp this year. I’m sure many others renewed their spirit and rededicated their life to the Lord. Rachel and I are so thankful to have this opportunity to work and serve at Camp Ney-A-Ti. What a blessing it is to our family and hopefully to yours as well. Please continue to pray for Ney-A-Ti as we strive to serve God and do His will.

A special thanks needs to be expressed to our Board of Directors. It’s never easy going through a transition period but these men helped make 2016 an easy transition. They volunteer their time because of their love for the Lord and their love for Camp Ney-A-Ti. May God continue to bless them as they continue to make decisions that will impact and help Ney-A-Ti for years to come.

See you all next year, may God continue to bless you!
Mark Hastings
Camp Director


From the Board

It is truly hard to believe that 2016 is almost at its end.  It has been a busy year at Camp Ney-A-Ti as we look back.  It began with Mark and Rachel Hastings taking over the duties at Camp Ney-A-Ti and all of us bidding a fond farewell to Harvey and Tina. The board would like to thank the elders at Guntersville for hosting their retirement dinner.  Also, the board would like to say "Job well done!" to Mark and Rachel.  They have completed the first year in what we hope will be many, many years to follow.

We would like to share with you our vision for Camp Ney-A-Ti.  First and foremost, our goal is to provide a place and an atmosphere that allows for spiritual growth.  We hope that when a person leaves Camp Ney-A-Ti, they are closer to God spiritually than when they arrived.  We believe to help us to achieve this, we need to invest in our facilities.  At the beginning of the year, we still owed over $15,000 on our lodge.  We made it a goal to pay this off by the end of the year and through prayer, your generous donations, and the hard work of Mark and the staff, we paid off the lodge in August of this year.  For all those involved in both building as well as donating toward this goal, we offer our sincere thanks. We are now entering what we call our "re-building" phase.  By this we mean we will begin a series of projects addressing issues with our current facilities.  These include backfilling the areas at the gym/chapel where erosion has washed out the soil under the concrete as well as the area outside arts and crafts.  We are looking at doing maintenance on the pool house as well as the cabins.  We are beginning a program replacing cabin roofs and painting them as well.  Our vision is not just for existing facilties but we are looking at what facilities may be added in the future.

We cannot close without once again thanking Harvey and TIna Page for the many, many years of service to Camp Ney-A-Ti.  We want to thank Mark and Rachel for an outstanding first year.  We also had two long-time board members resign this year.  We want to thank William King and Brent Peek for their time serving on the board.  The knowledge and wisdom they provided will be missed.  We look forward to 2017 and feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions.  You can either us the Contact Us form and make sure to set the 'To' drop down to Camp Board or you can email us at

We Need Your Support

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